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Introductory Courses


1-Day High Performance Driving Course

This intensive 1-day program begins with a brief classroom session discussing basic vehicle dynamics and the driving line. Participants then begin a series of rotations through the Skid Pad, Performance Driving Techniques, Autocross and track driving sessions.


After lunch, participants get another turn on the Autocross track during the Autocross Challenge, Lane Change and the Skid Pad before spending the rest of their day lapping the race circuit.


*Driver's must be 21 years or older to participate and possess a current, valid driver's license.

$2100.00 1 Day

Skills development includes:

Learn the importance of weight/load management in performance driving and discover the difference that braking technique, throttle management and steering input have on the handling dynamics of a vehicle.

The most important skill to master for any type of driving is proper use of the eyes. Learning to look where you want to go and looking as far ahead as possible is important in order to be smooth, drive the correct line and control the vehicle. Our instructors place heavy emphasis on this and know how to fine tune proper vision skills.

On our specially designed skid pad, you will learn and practice understeer and oversteer. Our instructors will teach you how to recognize when these situations occur, know why they occur and learn how to correct them.

The proper line allows for the most speed through the turn at the exit and/or positions the vehicle for the next turn. Learning to find the turn-in, apex and exit points is a matter of using your eyes correctly, braking, steering and throttle inputs.

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  • "Fantastic experience from start to finish. Instructors were great and kept it entertaining. Very knowledgeable staff!"

Porsche vehicles in this program include:

*Vehicles offered subject to change 


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Event Time
Registration & Breakfast
Introduction & Classroom Session: Vehicle Dynamics and Driving Line
Driving: Track Sessions, Skid Pad, Autocross & Braking
Driving: Track Sessions, Skid Pad, Autocross Challenge & Vehicle Dynamics Exercise
Instructor Hot Laps
Program Close
Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum Tour
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