Porsche Special Programs

A truly unique Porsche experience

At the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta, we've developed a variety of special programs, all aimed to provide you with an exciting and bespoke immersion into the Porsche brand.

Intro to Porsche | Half Day Program

Meet the fleet in this special, half-day "Introduction to Porsche" program,. Experience what everyday magic is all about and get the unique opportunity to drive each of the following model variants:

718 Boxster GTS
911 Carrera 4S
911 Carrera GTS
Taycan Turbo S
Panamera GTS
Macan GTS

This special, limited program is ONLY available October 27, 2022. Book now to reserve your spot in this group experience.

Premium Experience | Half Day Program

An introduction to the finest of our fleet: enjoy an unparalleled experience in the most powerful Porsche vehicles over the course of a four-hour drive, including:

718 Spyder
911 Carrera GTS
911 Turbo S
911 GT3
Panamera Turbo S
Taycan Turbo S

This special, limited program is ONLY available on November 10, 2022. Book now to reserve your spot in this group experience.


Want additional driving time? The Overdrive Experience adds 30 minutes of extra driving time to any 90 minute driving experience.

To book an Overdrive experience, click the link below and filter:
Duration > 2 Hours 

Porsche Owner Experience

What better way to learn more about your Porsche than on our purpose-built driver development course? Hone your autocross skills on our dynamics pad. Learn to control understeer and oversteer on the low friction course. Then, compare notes in the latest Porsche model from our fleet.

Young Drivers Program

Pick up where driver's education leaves off. The Porsche Experience Center Atlanta created the Young Drivers Experience to empower young people with the skills necessary to overcome a variety of challenges which we encounter on-road every day.

Shift Up

This four hour, 1:1 instruction program puts you behind the wheel of a 718 variant, followed by a 911 Carrera S, 911 Turbo S, and 911 GT3 vehicle. This exciting program gives you a taste of our most popular drive experiences and ample time to understand the nuances of each vehicle.