Know what to expect. We want you to have as many questions answered before you come for your experience. Please take a minute to go over the following items, so you can be prepared to enjoy your time at the Porsche Experience Center!

Please note the arrival time on your booking confirmation as this will help us avoid delays for your experience. Upon arrival, you are required to provide valid government issued photo

identification to our team at the security gate. Provision of photo ID is a requirement of the

facility for guests 18 years of age or older.


Each Driver must complete the Driver/Guest Information, PCNA Release from Liability, and Damage Limitation Waiver & Image Consent forms prior to arrival. If you are not able to

complete prior to arrive, please allow additional time upon arrival to complete.


Complimentary on-site parking is available. Upon entry through the security gate, please park on the top deck. After parking, please

proceed to the main entrance of the facility. The Porsche Experience Center registration desk is located in the east wing of the main floor lobby next to the Retail Store. (Behind the large staircase)

Driver’s License

For behind the wheel drive experiences, please remember to bring your driver’s license with you. It will be required to show our team when checking in for a drive experience. The Porsche Experience Center requires all driving guests to be at least 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license. We cannot allow guests with expired driver’s licenses to participate in drive experiences.


While there is no specific dress code, it is our recommendation that you wear comfortable clothing and closed-toed shoes suitable for driving. To optimize your drive experience, we recommend that you not wear high-heeled or loose-fitting shoes. The simulator lab is a “shoes off” environment, socks are recommended.


Programs proceed rain or shine. If severe weather is imminent and our Drive Team deems it unsafe for driving, we will make every attempt to notify you in advance and will adjust the event schedule accordingly. Safety is our team’s utmost priority. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone drive sessions for your and our team’s safety. Note: GT3 RS and GT4 RS Experiences are more susceptible to being

altered to a GT3 or GT4 Experience due to weather.


All driving program instructions, including in-car guidance, are in the English language. All participants must be able to receive and

understand instructions and driving commands in English to participate in the driving program. For the safety of all guests and staff, in the event a Guest is not able to understand the driving commands well enough to safely

operate a vehicle, the Guest will not be allowed to participate in the driving program.

Zero Tolerance Policy

If you have scheduled a drive experience, please keep in mind we have a “Zero Tolerance” alcohol policy. Any drivers who consume alcohol prior to their experience will not be allowed to drive in their Driving Experience. There are no exceptions!