PTX Track on a sunny day


One of the finest road racing circuits in the world.

Feel the adrenaline of Porsche prowess on a race course designed for speed. The Porsche Track Experience places drivers on the world-class Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama, which plays host to the IndyCar Series and the MotoAmerica Superbike Series.
  • 2.38Miles

    2.38 miles / 3.83 km of track that is a veritable roller coaster without rails.

  • 16Turns

    The track features 16 challenging and varied turns.

  • 190Elevation Change

    The undulating track layout showcases up to 190' of elevation changes throughout.

About the park

The Barber Motorsports Park is an 880 acre, multi-purpose racing facility located on the eastern fringes of Birmingham, Alabama. Although The Barber Motorsports Park only opened its doors in 2003, it has quickly become the premier road racing circuit in the world. Barber Motorsports Park is not only beautiful with its immaculate landscaping, wonderful amenities, and the most extensive motorcycle collection in the world, but the track itself is amazing.  The 2.38 mile, 16-turn circuit is very intensive and full of elevation changes. Be prepared for a busy roller coaster ride with a lot of blind turns, off-camber sections and relatively short straights that will keep you focused.

PTX Track PTX-Track-mobile
  • A beautiful park that just happens to have a racetrack.