60 Minute Simulator DRIVING AND RACE-CRAFT DEVELOPMENT Porsche’s Simulator Lab offers customers the opportunity to enhance their driving and/or racing abilities in an environment that is fun and challenging. Customers will have the option to choose between a number of Porsche vehicles with highly authentic physics and performance characteristics and many famous racing circuit configurations from across the world including: •Le Mans •The Nürburgring •Laguna Seca •Daytona The driving programs are designed to help a driver with: 1.Circuit memorization: Remembering the configuration, determining braking and accelerations points 2.Control concepts: Lift-throttle over-steer, balancing the chassis thru throttle, trail-braking, weight transfer ,and brake balance 3.Setup and tweaking techniques: Spring rates, fast and slow bump/rebound, toe-in, downforce vs drag 4.Strengthening racing capability and concentration levels: Overall race strategy and changes to strategy on the run, pit timing, fuel loads, overtaking points, drafting, late braking, defensive driving, improving qualification times and analyzing telemetry to find more speed Note: In order to provide an authentic simulation experience we are using low and narrow cockpits that may not be comfortable for a height of more than 6’2” (minimum height is 5’) and a weight of more than 280lbs.
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