Special Events

Drive & Dine

A "power-lunch" for the modern woman with a 30-minute Drive Experience.


June 12, 2019  •  July 10, 2019  •  August 7, 2019

Program Details

This program is a power-lunch for the modern woman. It will be a thrilling yet compact 75-minute program consisting of both a Driving Experience and prix fixe lunch at our restaurant, 356. We are offering the opportunity to drive a 2-door vehicle and a 4-door vehicle - getting a taste for both ends of the model line.This program will also give participants an opportunity to network with other like-minded women, and instruction will be led be our female drive coaches.


• 2-door (718 or 911, based on availability)

• 4-door (Panamera or Cayenne, based on availability)


Event concludes with prix fixe lunch at Restaurant 356

Event price is $350 per person