On The Track

The most fun you’ll have driving in Los Angeles.

Whether driving a Porsche has always been something you’ve wanted to do, you’re looking to improve your driving skills, or even just compare Porsche vehicles our 53-acre driver development course will serve as your ultimate playground. Give us a call today at 888.204.7474 to discuss in more detail.

Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles

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Drive Experiences

Porsche Passion experienced behind the wheel

Build your driving skills with personal instruction from our world-class Porsche Drive Coaches. During each session you’ll explore a variety of driver development modules and learn the "why" of how a Porsche vehicle responds.

Demonstration Laps

The thrill of Porsche from the passenger seat.

Buckle up in the passenger seat as our Porsche Drive Coaches take you for a ride you won't forget around our 1.3 mile Handling Circuit.

Porsche Young Driver Experience

Higher gear education.

The Porsche Young Driver Experience is designed to offer 16 - 21 years of age an enhanced level of driver education. Drivers will learn car control skills and techniques through various exercises conducted on purpose-built modules that only the PEC can offer. Build on your driver license by challenging yourself in a Porsche.

Porsche Owner Experience

Your Porsche. Our Track.

We're opening up our track for you! Enjoy our 90 minute drive experience, using your own Porsche. Explore your Porsche better, with one-to-one instruction from one of our Porsche Drive Coaches on a safe and challenging environment.


Our most advanced driving program to date.

Our Academy program is designed for drivers of all experience levels. From a novice driver looking to build their skills to advanced drivers who want to build upon years of knowledge. This program is customized with you in mind. Choose your program, get matched with your personal Porsche Drive Coach and build your skills.