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One-Day Advanced Car Control and Lapping Day

This program focuses on two areas: first, an emphasis on the development of car control skills and learning to drive a car at the limits of adhesion, and, second, seat time on the track where the fundamentals of performance driving are refined.


Participants will develop advanced skills on how to optimize the vehicle at the limits with the electronic aids turned off. Students will refine their ability to understand vehicle dynamics, like how to correct oversteer and learn to control a perfect drift. Extensive practice is received on how to combine steering and throttle control to create and maintain drifts and how to induce and control trail brake rotation for increased confidence on the track. Students will also gain valuable insight and information through video and data analysis.


*Masters Course completion and instructor approval is required. Drivers must be 21 years or older to participate, and possess a current, valid driver's license.

$2900.00 1 Day

Skills development includes:

Practice the technique of transferring weight to the front and rear of the vehicle. Learn to correctly use the throttle in order to get the vehicle to respond.

Develop Trail Braking skills by learning the right way to release brake pressure while turning into a corner. This technique transfers weight toward the front of the vehicle to load the front tires and aid in turning ability, and maximizes the tire capability.

Learn how to combine steering and throttle inputs to perform a controlled slide through a turn. This advanced driving technique is best learned in a controlled environment with highly trained instructors and is taught in our advanced courses.

three red porsches rounding a corner on the track
  • I think this was the single most helpful day at this facility I have had. Fantastic exercises

Porsche vehicles in this program include:

*Vehicles offered subject to change 


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Event Time
Registration & Breakfast
Classroom: Review, Flags & Lapping Procedures
Driving: Track Sessions, Proving Grounds: Skid Pad - Drifting & Friction Circle - Drifting
Driving: Track Sessions, Friction Circle - Drifting & Data Review
Interior shot looking over the shoulder of a driver on the track

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