Feel what a Porsche can really do.
Definitely not for the faint of heart, the Porsche Sport Driving School offers to all who dare to rise to the challenge, the opportunity to live their automotive fantasy.  You will pilot the latest Porsche models; Carrera S, Boxster S, Cayman S, Panamera Turbo and Cayenne and experience the incomparable Porsche 911 Turbo S.  

PSDS isn’t just for novices, and it isn’t just for veteran drivers either; it’s for anyone with a love of performance vehicles and a desire to learn something new and exciting. At PSDS, you will enjoy more track time than at any other school, and are sure to leave with a smile cemented on your face.  You will also leave with a newly found addiction to performance driving.  Don’t believe us?  Try it. Here’s what you can expect at PSDS:  

The most intensive and comprehensive curriculum available-   
Whether you drive a Porsche or not, you will be exposed to the most highly refined performance training methods and techniques available. You will become a more efficient and safer driver and we bet you will find driving a lot more interesting.  PSDS is a great starting point for those that are interested in entering formal racing or just participating in club events.  Under the guidance of our Porsche Certified instructors, you will learn not only the basics, but the fine points of the sport as well. Perfecting the most efficient driving line, the importance of being smooth, trail braking techniques, heel/toe downshifting and refining your car control skills are all part of the curriculum.   

PSDS features Porsche Certified professional instructors-
We believe our staff of 50 instructors, are the most qualified, patient and knowledgeable in the business.  Learn skills from past and current champions who have experience in all aspects of the sport. All of our instructors are top professional drivers who are certified by Porsche and who earn their living in this business.
* Courses are conducted in English. Translators are available for an additional fee.  

The best facility in North America-
Barber Motorsports Park host the IRL IndyCar Series, the GrandAm Series and the AMA Superbike Series and is regarding as being one of the most beautiful race tracks in the world.  Often referred to as the Augusta of racetracks, it is exciting and challenging to drive, making it a great place to learn high performance driving and racing skills.  With 2.38 miles, 16 turns and over 80 feet of elevation changes, its demands will keep your attention. The Barber Vintage Museum, located at the circuit, is a world class facility with over 1000 vehicles on display.  

A fleet of over 45 new Porsche vehicles-
As the only Official Porsche driving school in North America, PSDS offers you the opportunity to experience all of the current models available. Learn more about your current Porsche or experience the capability of these incredible machines in the ultimate test drive.     

More track time No other school even comes close! 
While some schools focus on classroom training in an effort to limit vehicle use, at PSDS we believe that you should learn from behind the wheel.  Each day starts with a brief classroom session, but then it’s off to the track and training facilities for the rest of the day. 

Race-Keeper Video-
In all PSDS courses a USB stick is provided for you to record video and data of designated on-track sessions.

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