See the world through the world’s best windshield.

After just one trip you will see why there is no vacation like a vacation in a Porsche vehicle. The Porsche Travel Experience USA is an exhilarating driving experience that awakens a sense of adventure in even the most seasoned travelers. It’s a truly relaxing and exclusive experience where driving enthusiasts can intimately experience the thrill of a Porsche on a road trip like no other.  

2019 tours have concluded. 2020 tour schedule to be announced shortly.

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The best choice you’ll ever make.

Combine your love of driving with your passion for travel and see beautiful sights from the front seat of a Porsche. When we design our tours, we craft them around the world’s most revered roads, scenic views, and exclusive accommodations. So choose between one of our US Porsche Driving Tours, or indulge in both.

  • "The quality of the roads were unexpected. I was expecting freeways. But the backroads, the challenges, the ups and down and switchbacks. Every day. Then today coming down through the Golden Gate bridge, just awesome."

  • “I was excited for him to do his dream trip. And then I got to see all of his driving and it was so awesome, and all the roads they took us on, it was just great. You couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. The whole experience has just been great."