Porsche Travel Club - USA

The wonders of the world are far more wondrous in a Porsche. 


Porsche Travel Club Philosophy

When the road and the car are both on your bucket list.

A Porsche has a way of elevating everyday driving to an entirely different level. When you are able to experience it in a relaxed and exclusive setting of a vacation, something truly special happens. Your sense of adventure awakens, your spirit is energized, and you arrive in a heightened state everywhere you go. At Porsche Travel Club USA, our mission is to give driving enthusiasts the opportunity to intimately experience the thrill of a Porsche on an epic road trip like no other.

For more than 20 years, we have delighted our guests with exhilarating driving experiences along exceptional routes running through some of the world’s most iconic destinations. One trip with Porsche Travel Club USA and you will see why there is no vacation like a vacation in a Porsche.

Driving Tours

Put the odometer through its paces.

Porsche Travel Club USA exclusive getaway packages offer a chance to leave everyday life behind. You will enjoy first class hotel and restaurant accommodations while creating lifelong memories. As our guest, you will spend ample time behind the wheel each day on a uniquely crafted tour designed to fulfill your love of both driving and travel. While you’re at it, you will get to know other fun-loving and like-minded people who share your fascination with sports cars.

Every year, we welcome driving enthusiasts from around the world to participate in these unforgettable tours. Our accommodating, hands-on team will work with you to meet your needs and make sure your tour is a trip to remember. 

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Porsche Travel Club Driving Tours