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Toll. That's German for amazing.


The Business Center

At the Porsche Experience Center, you can reserve one of the many inspiring conference rooms for groups both large and small. Along with the Porsche driving activities, features such as the striking architecture, variable rooms, state-of-the-art equipment, and professional support staff, set the stage for the optimum professional experience. So next time work calls for leadership and team building activities, think about taking it to the track.


PEC Retail Store

The Retail Store at the Porsche Experience Center boasts the only location to offer all three Porsche brands under one roof: Porsche Museum, Porsche Driver’s Selection, and Porsche Design. Select the perfect memorabilia to commensurate your experience with us from an assortment of apparel, accessories, luggage, jewelry, model cars, books, and other great lifestyle products.

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Porsche Exclusive - Personal Design Studio

Revel in the custom craftsmanship and individuality of a Porsche in the all new Porsche Exclusive - Personal Design Studio. Building your most personal Porsche becomes reality as you glance through a wide selection of leather and paint samples, as well as specialty parts that will enhance the uniqueness of your vehicle. With the support of a Porsche Exclusive - Personal Design Specialist and access to several heavily equipped Porsche Exclusive show cars, you will have all of the necessary tools to design the car of your dreams.

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