Porsche Young Driver Experience


The Porsche Young Driver Experience is designed to offer an enhanced level of driver development training - to pick up where driver education leaves off. Drivers will learn car control skills and techniques through various exercises conducted on purpose-built modules that only the PEC can offer. All intended to heighten the challenge and leave them (and you) with a sense of confidence when getting behind the wheel and on the road.

Porsche Young Driver Experience

Safety and driver preparedness is our top goal with the Porsche Young Driver Experience. Starting with a brief classroom session, drivers then hit the course to tackle five, 30-minute exercises, providing students with a series of exercises designed to simulate real-world challenges. A dedicated Porsche Drive Coach is along for every minute of the program, offering one-to-one instruction to help young motorists mature into roadworthy stars. To top it all off, training in a brand new Porsche 911, of course.

Boost confidence with Porsche Passion.

  • Must be 16 years and older
  • Must have valid driver license (learner permit does not qualify]
  • Availability: Each third Sunday of every month, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
  • Price: $850 per person
  • PEC LA provides Porsche 911 (one customer per car)
  • Arrival: 8:15 a.m. Briefing starts at 8:30 a.m.
Drivers will be introduced to understeer and oversteer while being taught the skills needed to recover from each.
Oversteer, understeer, weight transfer and car balance on surfaces that mimic ice, snow and rain, are presented in a safe and controlled environment to develop the car-control skillset of each driver.
The distraction course is a low-speed, confusing and attention-stealing course designed to focus on the importance of concentration while driving.
Drivers will experience braking, slalom and evasive land change exercises, building a confident skillset necessary for everyday driving.
ABS braking on ice/snow/rain, vehicle dynamics, car balance and weight transfer skills allow for safer driving during rainy conditions.

Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles

Young Drivers Modules

  • Dynamics Pad - Offers a safe and open space for drivers to experience ABS braking, evasive lane-change maneuvers and handling exercises while honing their skills behind the wheel.
  • Low-Friction Handling Circuit - The tight and twisty Low-Friction Handling Circuit provides the perfect environment for a busy, slow speed and confusing course aimed at distracting the driver's attention to demonstrate how concentration is paramount when driving.
  • Ice Hill - This 7% downhill slick surface is the perfect environment for honing car control, weight transfer, ABS braking and car balance skills in ice, snow and rain conditions.
  • Kick Plate - A hydraulically-actuated plate pushes the car sideways across a low friction surface, forcing the driver to react, correct and recover. With speeds no greater than 30 mph, drivers will develop car feel, car control and reactionary skills on the Kick Plate.
  • Low-Friction Circle - Drivers will learn to recognize, control and recover from both understeer and oversteer on the wet polished concrete surface. Weight transfer, driver inputs, vision, patience and smoothness is the focus of the Low-Friction Circle.