Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles

GT3 Generations Accelerated

GT3 Generations Accelerated

Experience 3 GT3s across two generations in this 4 hour program*.

Top Speed
500hp max horsepower
3.2s 0-60 mph
197mph Top track speed
4.0 Hours
When the new GT3 is developed in Weissach, engineers start off by driving the current vehicles to see what makes the GT3 so special and to build on what is already established. Now we're offering a program where you can compare the vehicles, data, and driving feeling at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles. In the GT3 Generations Accelerated Program, you will use the Porsche Track Precision App, combined with one-on-one instruction to study the data behind every lap in real time to see the difference between the generations of GT3.

*This program does have a prerequisite of driving a 90 minute experience*

Drivers who want to study their skills with real-time data-based feedback will love this 4-hour course that heavily utilizes the Porsche Track Precision App. Drivers will immediately see how they have performed on attempted brake points, throttle position, steering input, and more in order to become masters of the course.
  • 888-204-7474

    Must call to book this experience.

  • Restrictions/Prerequisites

    Drivers must be 21 years or older to participate

  • Accelerated Prerequisite

    Requires completion of one (1) 90 minute driving experience at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles

Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles

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