Richard Hull

Rich brings a unique combination of skills to the Porsche Sport Driving School. An Atlanta native, his racing career started in the 70s with the American Motorcycle Association racing in the deserts and mountains of the West. Upon graduating from college, Rich launched a successful sales and marketing career with IBM and started a family. Racing seemed to fade into the background and the “racing virus” lay dormant until 1991 when the “need for speed” was again awakened. Over the intervening years, Rich has raced and won in a variety of venues including karts, autocross and SCCA, focusing on tracks in the Southeast near his home. Rich has a history and passion for training others in high performance driving. Before “quitting the day job” in 2001 to focus solely on motorsports and teaching, Rich was active as an instructor for the SCCA in Solo II and Club Racing. Rich’s racing background, when combined with his extensive business and teaching experience, brings a valuable perspective to the Porsche Sport Driving School.